Dear Comcast

Dear Comcast,

Tonight I called you to re-activate my cable boxes because one of them had stopped working and I wanted to use that TV to watch an On Demand movie. Which would, you know, earn you some more money.

The first time I called your tech rebooted my cable modem instead of reactivating the set top boxes. The only upside to this was that it terminated my phone call to tech support — I have my phone service with you, as your tech would’ve known if he’d checked his screen — so I had a chance to re-enter the Comcast Tech Support Person Lottery.

Fortunately the second time I got someone who knew what he was doing. And actually listened to my request. And knew that “reactivate cable boxes” isn’t remotely like “reboot my cable modem”.

Of course, re-activating the cable boxes means they take 45 minutes to re-initialize the program guide and, more to the point, the On Demand functionality. In that 45 minutes I could download, oh, about 12 gigabytes of data over my Comcast High Speed Internet Connection. That must be one honking big program guide and On Demand subsystem.

I get so tired of monopolies who cherish their market power to the extent that they almost totally ignore customer service. I hope I live long enough to dance on your grave.

All the Best,

Disgruntled Comcast Customer #377,582