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Hyper-V Gotchas

I’m looking to decommission an older Windows 10 desktop I keep around for testing software. It finally occurred to me I could use my spanking

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To Really Melt Your Brain…

Take on any programming task which involves working with multiple different coordinate systems! You know, the things that define where stuff appears on a screen.

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Virtual Dovecot Users

I run dovecot on a VPS for remote IMAP access, with postfix as the underlying mail server. Originally, it handled mail for just one of

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Cool Backup Software

For several years I’ve been using File History in Windows to back up the computers on my home LAN to a local Windows file server.

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Your Hearing May Not Be Going

Over the last few months I’d become concerned age was starting to take its (inevitable) toll on my hearing. That wouldn’t surprise me, particularly since

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