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Your Hearing May Not Be Going

Over the last few months I’d become concerned age was starting to take its (inevitable) toll on my hearing. That wouldn’t surprise me, particularly since

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Hostwinds VPS

I recently had to switch hosting providers and, after researching what was available on the Linux-based front, went with Hostwinds1. I purchased their entry-level virtual

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Adventures in Migrating!

Back in early August the new owners of my long-term hosting service, Webfaction, told me they were “unable” to migrate my account to their new

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Adventures in Networking

My friend Tom recently touted a new-to-our-area fiber-optic service provider, Sonic, as having a great product offering very high access speeds, great customer service and

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Doing a Little Samba

I ran into some interesting problems getting Samba to work on my Raspberry Pi and be discoverable under Windows 10. This article summarizes how I

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