Category: Reflections

Where It All Began

I recently attended my 50th high school reunion, which, among other things, included a tour of the school itself. I actually started going to the

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OMG, It Works!

Which is not at all what I expected when I hit F5 to debug an app just now. One mark of a well-architected software package,

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To Really Melt Your Brain…

Take on any programming task which involves working with multiple different coordinate systems! You know, the things that define where stuff appears on a screen.

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Adventures in Networking

My friend Tom recently touted a new-to-our-area fiber-optic service provider, Sonic, as having a great product offering very high access speeds, great customer service and

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A New Personal Record

I’ve noticed over the years I’ve spent programming that there’s a counter-intuitive metric for how well your architecture matches the problem you’re trying to solve

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Keeping It Alive

I posted this on nVidia’s support forum, but felt it worth perpetuating somewhere else. === I was greatly relieved to see how nVidia is doing

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Into the Wayback Machine

My buddy Connell runs an election/campaign advisory firm. He has a database that he uses to track voter profiles, create outreach lists, and the like.

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