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I managed to dodge a bullet today. One of the hard drives in my main desktop system has been ticking for several months now. The

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Eight May Be Great

Today I installed the final to-be-shipped version of Windows 8 on a rarely-used computer to see how it behaves (I have access to it because

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Scan Now!

One of the more frustrating parts of operating a modern computer is when the update/patch process fails. In the case of Windows, you very quickly

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Linux Saves Windows Server

I run Exchange as my home mail server. Unfortunately, the Windows Server 2008 machine that hosts Exchange is flaky. For the last 18 months it

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It Can See! Or maybe “hear”…

I’ve updated my Arduino-based aquarium microcontroller project to incorporate an ultrasonic sonar sensor. The aquarium lights now stay dim during the day, except when someone

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