Redmine, We Hardly Knew Ya

Yesterday I received word from WebFaction, my hosting company, that Redmine was using way more memory than my account limit. After doing some research, apparently the combination of Redmine, Ruby and various necessary support packages just has a large memory footprint, which can’t be reduced very much. While the consumption isn’t out-of-sight for a dedicated server (around 100MB), it’s a little rich for a shared hosting environment. So I’ve removed Redmine, and replaced it with a simple DokuWiki-based wiki.

Too bad, I rather liked Redmine’s look-and-feel. On the other hand, the only part of Redmine I was really using was the wiki, so in terms of immediate functionality I haven’t lost anything. And I like DokuWiki’s syntax a little better. Among other thing’s, it’s a little terser than the wiki built into Redmine, which is generally helpful if you want to make it easy to produce content.

The new project wiki is located at I’ve edited the earlier article links to point to the new wiki.

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