Some Days I Really Hope There’s an Afterlife

For Christmas I converted all of my dad’s old 8mm film to DVDs and sent nicely-packaged copies to all of my siblings and their kids. Of course, finding a particular clip amongst 10 DVDs can be rather difficult, so I thought I’d create an index for the collection. And, since you can never have enough databases, I figured it’d be way cool to build one that could be searched by season/holiday, people shown in the clip, etc.

Of course, that wasn’t as easy as I expected, but then again it never is. But I finally got it working today.

Or so I thought.

Only to discover, after doing six hours of data entry (it takes time to scan the clips for people), that there was a subtle bug which didn’t crash the app but did oh-so-helpfully mix up certain parts of the data.

Some days I really hope there’s an afterlife, so I can spend the rest of eternity taking revenge on Murphy and Finagle… 🙂

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