When in Doubt, Visit the Hardware Store

In my ongoing saga to build a wooden box for my aquarium controller, I finally reached the stage where I need to assemble the four walls into a single structure. That turned out to be both harder and easier than I expected.

Trying to line the walls up, hold them in place, and then apply some clamps requires, at a rough guess, four sets of hands. Unfortunately, humans only come with one pair each, and I didn’t have a helper handy.

So it was back to the hardware store, looking to see if there was some tool or gadget that would make the job doable. It turns out there is: they’re called corner clamps, and while all they do is let you make secure right angles out of two pieces of wood, they do it very well. Problem solved!

And lesson learned: when it looks like it can’t be done, go to the hardware store. Most problems have already been solved by the several hundred million builders who came before you!

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