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Redmine, We Hardly Knew Ya

Yesterday I received word from WebFaction, my hosting company, that Redmine was using way more memory than my account limit. After doing some research, apparently

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VirtualBox, Ubuntu and GumStix

My next embedded programming project will involve a single board computer (SBC), rather than a microcontroller. I’ve come across several kinds in my research, but

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Hurray for Webfaction!

I moved over to Webfaction a few days ago, mostly because they support Subversion and Redmine (a nifty multi-project alternative to Trac). But I’ve

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Out Damn Algae!

A nice extra bonus of switching to LEDs from fluorescents in an aquarium is that you can “tailor” the spectrum of the light. Specifically, if

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Arduino Aquarium Controller

One of the software/hardware projects I’ve been working on recently is a microcontroller-based system for controlling the lights and various other ancillary devices in my

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